Your summer destination matched with your nail color

Some of us strategically pack our suitcases a week in advance, others throw everything in only 30 minutes prior to heading out the door for our destination. In both cases, there’s one thing you don’t want to leave behind for your trip: your favorite nail polish for a beach vacation. In fact, anyone who has an affection for beauty knows that bringing along your go-to summer shades is equally as important as packing your favorite bikinis. Of course, you’ll want to prepare for the chance of your nails getting worn out, damaged, and becoming brittle while your fingers have emerged in saltwater. Therefore, applying a clear top coat is essential if you’re planning on going into the ocean as it’ll provide extra strength to your nails. Additionally, a nontoxic gel will hold up better against salt water, sand, and sunscreen than regular polish, so you should consider changing your regular formulas for a gel.

In addition to this, your nails should be protected from the sun just like the rest of your body. It’s smart to choose a top coat with UV protection. Pro tip: If your nails chip from the ocean or sand, throw the polish into your beach bag for any necessary touchups.

Confused about which color to pack? Continue scrolling down to check which colors are perfect for your upcoming trip. Maybe you even get a destination inspiration! There are some beachy trends below that’ll probably never go away, and a few surprising choices – because is there any better time to be a little extra than when you’re lounging on the beach, tanned and happy?

PHILIPPINES: lime green
Looking to make a big statement? Lime green will no doubt do just that. Consider picking up a green smoothie at a juice shop (maybe try avocado-based ones, they are very popular in the Philippines) for the perfect photo opportunity with your gorgeous vivid polish. PS: it also works with a pear :).

There is even a fruit in the Philippines, called calamansi, also known as Philippine lime/lemon, and is a citrus hybrid. The lush nature of the islands, full of greens, palm trees, and other plants, along with the ocean and bright sky, is the perfect background for your photoshoots featuring your bright lime green colored nails.

EGYPT: neutral, teal + metallic
Listen up, minimalists: Match the sand with nude nail polish. Because no, you don’t have to choose a bright neon hue for your beach polish. In fact, the shade will pair well with any bathing suit you decide to wear for your day in the sun.In history, Egyptians started colouring their nails with henna. Cleopatra used plant extracts to die her nails a deep blood red, and other mummified Pharaohs were found with henna-stained nails. It was popular for women across India and Africa to dye their fingertips with henna as an adornment.

From the realms of the Egyptian Pharaohs to the Aztecs, royal teal has been a sought-after shade forever and a perfect color choice to refresh your nails this season. Lighter teal and turquoise are seen as a summer nail hue, and the rich dark jewel tone is tracking as one of the coolest manicures for fall (Egypt is a great destination also if you plan to go for vacations later this year, as it stays warm well into the fall). For best effects, team your turquoise nail design with black or soft neutrals like sand or tan. Opt for the Cleopatra treatment at your next salon visit and lavish your fingers with on-trend turquoise.

GREECE: White & Shades of Blue
Color-coded houses and cafes on greek islands (especially Mykonos and Santorini) feature the blue-white combo and prove this is a match never going out of style. The combination is even on the Greek flag!

Take a break from the winter-ready navy and step into lighter and brighter shades of blue for your next adventure. Whether it’s a nail bed covered in an opaque sapphire or royal blue or a negative space design using a more playful azure or robin’s egg, you really can’t go wrong.

A summer go-to for years, the white nail polish trend shows no signs of slowing down. And why should it? It goes with everything, is appropriate for any occasion, and can instantly enhance your tan. Despite hot white’s everlasting popularity, a pale nail is always slightly unexpected; even if you choose a shimmer or off-white instead of the classic opaque hue.
Ever wondered why Greece is painted blue and white?
You might think the blue resembles the colors of the bright sea and sky, but the story is different!

The residents started painting the stones white, in an effort to cool down their indoor spaces. And then in 1838, Greek citizens whitewashed their homes to help sanitize them and reduce the spread of cholera.

So what about the blue? Fishermen painted their windows and shutters with whatever was left over after painting their boats. And because of the elements used to create it, blue was usually the cheapest color of paint.

Islands of CROATIA: Pops of corals
Is there a more beach-ready color than coral? Not a chance. When going with coral, you have options, too: Do you want a bright shade or something paler, lively orange or delicate pink? However you choose, coral is sure to work out in your favor, especially if you opt for the clear blue waters of the Adriatic sea. Our favorite way of exploring Croatia is with a sailboat – trust us, deep hues of blue, white rocks, shades of green, olive trees, white boats, and your fresh colored coral nails? Maybe holding a cold watermelon?

Provence, FRANCE:
Creamy lavenders
What’s a dream travel list without a tip of the hat to the South of France? This spot is where the mountain meets the sea, surrounding it with stony beiges and sparkling shades of azure. It’s adorned with a not-so-subtle pop of violet and green, making us wonder how something so beautiful can happen naturally. We imagine that heaven is also covered with rolling fields of lavender. Provence is known for its beautiful landscape, surrounded by river valleys, gorges, coastlands, and mountains. Stunning rows of purple can be found in the city from June to August each year. Lavender nails are feminine & elegant while being mostly worn by women who like pastel colors.

Wherever you decide to go, you do want to look beach-ready, and having your nails done is proven to boost your self-confidence. It stays with you even on the days, when you don’t have the time to dress up, or you wake up with a bad hair, or you are just jumping into the water the whole day, not caring about a single thing. Because that also, is the point of taking the time off. Time off to just be. Enjoy. Surrender. Embrace who you are. Your natural beauty.

Nina Klemenčič