Why not treat yourself with a pedicure all year long?

Somebody once asked me: ‘Will my hands get tanned under the UV/LED lamp, haha?’. And I actually found myself thinking about it for a moment. Will my skin catch some brown sun-kissed tones under the lamp while my gel polish dries?

Nobody enjoys the way their dry, scratchy feet feel in socks, shoes, or beneath the blankets. Just ask anyone who's ever let their pedicure go for an extended period of time how they feel when their toes or calloused skin snag on the sheets at night. Your feet, and you, deserve better than that!

The most evident advantage of your pedicure is beautiful nails! Polish nailbar's experienced nail technicians will give you neatly trimmed nails in colors that complement your personality and all of your favorite holiday outfits, and you'll leave with a lovely appearance that lasts. Do not ignore your feet, even though they are the last thing everyone notices about you. Healthy feet get you one step closer to being healthy. Personal hygiene includes having properly clipped nails and clean feet. As a result, incorporating frequent pedicures into your cosmetic routine will help you get through the tough winters. For some, the colder months, especially the holidays, evoke emotions of melancholy. Remember to pamper yourself if you want to bring a little sunshine into your life this time of year. Nothing feels more uplifting than pampering and being a little self-indulgent. Plus, a bright color on your feet may serve as a reminder that warmer weather and sunny days are on the way. Boost your self-esteem! Taking care of your feet and toes helps you to stand out with tidy and lovely nails every time you walk barefoot.

Additionally, calluses and corn appear all year. They are hardened, flaky dry skin layers that can sting and split if they get too thick, and cracking increases the risk of infection. Dry, chilly winter weather, soapy water, going barefoot regularly, and wearing shoes without socks all contribute to calluses and corn. Pedicures on a regular basis will keep corns and calluses at bay keeping your feet smooth.

Another reason is it will make your feet soft all day everyday with our products. Our luxury spa pedicure treatment aims to target dry skin and any other skin problems. It allows natural ingredients such as jojoba oil or almond oil to soak through your skin. A spa foot soak is always the first step in a pedicure. This softens the skin and stimulates circulation in your lower leg, ankle, and foot while also cleaning them. The enhanced circulation will alleviate foot discomfort and edema caused by sitting, standing, and walking all day. At our salon, the treatments follow with a foot massage to relieve the tension in your body. Massage not only feels wonderful, but it also helps to relax muscles, decrease swelling, and increase joint mobility. Increased blood flow delivers oxygen to tissue in the feet and legs. Furthermore, massage may not only help you relax but also relieve tiredness!

So, the next time you gaze at those feet that carry you through your hectic day, why not plan a break for both of you? Pedicures are a popular aesthetic treatment in the spring and summer, but that doesn't make them any less useful in the winter. Contact us to get advice on the best treatment for you.

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-Hani Nguyen